Luckey Ranch ES offers parent social to ease first day emotions

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(LUCKEY RANCH ELEMENTARY — August 21, 2023) — There's no question the first day of school can be stressful for all parents, but imagine dropping off your son or daughter on the first day for the first time ever.


boohoo to yahoo

About 30 Luckey Ranch Elementary pre-kindergarten and kindergarten parents stopped by a Boo-hoo to Ya-hoo social event after dropping their student off in their class on the first day of school. The parents were offered snacks and refreshments, and an opportunity to meet other parents. 


"I feel calm and relaxed, knowing that the school is thinking about parents," said Yesica Gonzalez, a kindergarten parent. "They thought about everything. They have tissues and water to help me calm down."


Through tears, Gonzalez said this is the first time her son Liam has been in school, and it was an emotional experience.


boohoo to yahoo

Luckey Ranch ES counselor Diana Pacheco said this is the first year the school holds the event.


"We know pre-k and kinder parents have a difficult time coming into school and dropping off their student for the first time, so we wanted to help ease them in," said Pacheco. "We just want to let them know we're here for them."