Believe It Foundation donates six adaptive bikes to Medina Valley ISD

adaptive bikes

(MEDINA VALLEY INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT — Jan. 30, 2024) Students at Ladera Elementary and Medina Valley High School embraced freedom and joy as they tried out brand-new adaptive bikes donated to the district.


The Believe It Foundation on January 30 gave Medina Valley Independent School District six adaptivebikes, totaling $30,000. The bikes will be shared across campuses to empower students with physical challenges. 


“What we’ve seen in other school districts is that the kids get to be out and be free on their bikes – and exercise,” said Andrew McAllister, founder of the Believe It Foundation. “It also helps with their emotional behavior. It helps them in the classroom. The bike is something they enjoy doing, so it’s a motivator for them to do well in the classroom.”

bikesMcAllister started the foundation in 2008 to help enrich the lives of physically challenged children through bike donations, scholarships and summer camps. His foundation has donated bikes to more than 17 other districts in the area. 


“I grew up around a lot of typical kids, doing a lot of typical kid activities,” McAllister said. “I wanted to bring what I grew up with to a slice of San Antonio and the surrounding communities.”

MVISD Director of Special Education John Reynolds said these are the first adaptive bikes the district owns. It’s possible more bikes will be donated in the future as enrollment continues to climb.

“Certain students would be unable to ride a bike at all, either because of their motor delays or difficulties or just because of their cognitive issues — they may not be able to do it,” he said. “Here they’re able to ride and we can assist. They can enjoy the experience and they can stay safe.”


Natausha Kentch, a Ladera Elementary ALE teacher, said the bikes will help her students with life skillsas well as being able to participate in an activity they wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate in. 

“So much excitement,” she said. “They really seem to really enjoy it. It’s really nice to be able to see them show a little bit more excitement and enjoyment about being at school.

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