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Although a parent or grandparent is not prohibited from providing food for a school-designated function or his or her birthday, please be aware that children in the school may have severe allergies to certain food products. Therefore, it is imperative to discuss this with the child’s teacher prior to bringing any food in this circumstance. Occasionally, the school or a class may host certain functions or celebrations tied to the curriculum that will involve food. The school or teacher will notify students and parents of any known food allergies when soliciting potential volunteers for bringing food products.

Student Birthdays

Parents may bring store-bought items to the school in celebration of their child's birthday BEFORE school. Do not send gifts, flowers, balloons, or the like to be delivered at school.
     Please note the following:

  1. Children may bring store-bought cupcakes (PEANUT- FREE, please) to celebrate birthdays.
  2. Cupcakes must be brought prior to the day beginning. Cupcake deliveries will NOT be accepted once the day begins.
  3. Please send individually wrapped snacks or cupcakes (no cakes). 
  4. Parents and/or guests are not able to participate in the celebration to limit classroom disruption.
  5. It is always an option to send
    1. A game for the classroom
    2. A classroom book (A nice touch would be having your child pick it out, sign it, and date it.)
    3. A classroom set of items for each child to keep such as pencils, pens, erasers, markers, etc.

School Designated Functions

Your child's teacher, PTO, or the school will contact you periodically with opportunities to provide items for a classroom/school activity.  Please keep in mind possible student allergies.  You may provide items that are tree nut/peanut-free and items that are store-bought.