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Health Procedures


At the beginning of each school year we ask our parents to update their contact information and review emergency contacts on SYWARD online. The information that you submit is essential for the staff to have in the event of an emergency, illness, or any other contact needed. It is equally important to have additional names and phone numbers of persons, other than the parents, who may be contacted and will be responsible for your child, if you cannot be reached. If there is a change in any information during the school year, please update SKYWARD or call/send the new information to the office as soon as possible.


When a child is ill or injured at school the parent is notified and asked to come for the child. If the parent is unavailable, the persons designated on the emergency card are contacted. This should be a contact who is accessible to the school and can get here within a few minutes.  Please be assured that we will not release your child to anyone NOT on your child's emergency card or without your written permission.

Basic first aid is given for minor injuries.  Our school cannot administer any medication without the appropriate form completed and signed by both the parent and the child's doctor.  These forms are available at the Nurse's Office.  Parents are to bring the medication in the original container, along with the completed form to the Nurse's Office at Luckey Ranch.  Students are not allowed to carry any medication at school.  This includes "over the counter" medications like aspirin, cough drops, throat lozenges, or any other type of first aid materials.

If your child is treated in the Emergency Room or has been in the hospital, a release form from the doctor allowing the student to return to school and listing any restrictions is required.

Students who have been ill may return to school when they have been fever-free for 24 hours.  If a student has a fever, diarrhea, has been vomiting or is too sick or uncomfortable to participate in regular school activities, the student should stay home.

Our school district does not have accident or medical coverage.  Parents may purchase individual student accident insurance on a voluntary basis.  Student insurance information is included at the time of registration, and may also be obtained in our school office.